Sunday, 22 April 2012

Josh Krajcik Interview

For those of you who don't know Josh Krajcik, he is most commonly known for being a contestant on 'The X Factor USA' where he was watched by millions worldwide and placed 2nd. He is currently working with Adele's producer Eg White to create his first album, after he was signed to Sony Music taking his profession from a 'burrito slinger' to a signed musician.

What can we expect from the album? I think its important to be honest in music. For me, to get a glimpse into the heart and mind of an artist gives the music more meaning. I want to make a record that comes across soulful and true. That's the kind of album I like to listen to, so that's what I want to make 

What made you realise you wanted to become a musician? I'm one of the lucky ones that knew from a very early age exactly who I was and what I wanted to do in life. When I was little my dad would play guitar and we'd sing together. In the third grade I began piano lessons with 2 different teachers. One taught me to read music and technique, while the other helped me understand theory and why my improvisations sounded good to me. Both were invaluable. By the time I was twelve I'd gotten a guitar and my fate was set. I knew, for better or worse, my trade was being a musician. At age 15 I got a weekly gig at a little bar in Ohio. I lied and told them I was 22  and made 100 bucks for 4 hrs. I've been playing in bars and touring ever since.  

What other musicians or people have influenced your music? Well the default answer for most players I know, including myself, is the Beatles. But also my dad's a player. But in addition I'd say Clapton, Ray Charles, Hendrix, Etta James, Otis Redding, Soundgarden amongst others. Even bands I listened to at a young age like Ministry and Megadeth may have had some influence on me. But really as an artist anything or anyone who inspires you is an influence. 

What advice would you give to other aspiring musicians? Number one thing is to be yourself. Never emulate. Have fun. Be productive. Never give up. And never ever feel that you've arrived.  

Who would you most like to collaborate with? I love prince. As a player it seems to me there are few guitar players alive that can do what he does. His songwriting is amazing and he's completely inimitable. Beyond that any like minded talent is a pleasure to work with.  

What other musicians have you met that you admire? I admire most musicians I meet. There's a bit of a kinship there. Seems were all a little off in some way. I met John Mayer. He was cool. Great player too.  

Hows life been since the the X Factor ended? Busy. I've been really enjoying the writing process. I've been working with great writers lately. I've always been a songwriter but lately the inspiration is in full force and I think some of the people I've been working with deserve some credit for that.  

Aside from gaining a record contract, how did the X Factor change your life? 
Being recognized wherever I go has been amazing. Every city and every airport I've been, people want to say hello. Its an amazing feeling and I love it. I think in any industry you only want to be recognized for what you do well and its the same here. 

What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player? 
I don't know about embarrassing, perhaps unexpected; I love Britney Spears' "toxic".    Love it.  

What are the five things you can’t live without? 
My guitar. My loved ones. My integrity. My child. My country.  

What does the future hold for Josh Krajcik? I'll be making music till the day I die. What comes with that is yet to be seen. One things for sure. I cant wait to find out.  

If you want to see the talent that got him to the final, this is his first audition!


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